segunda-feira, 16 de novembro de 2015

ESN Olympics - The Mountain Wolves Entourage

The last weekend, some International Students from Covilhã and 3 of the local ESN members were representing our city and our International Students in the National ESN Sports Activities: ESN Olympics.
ESN Olympics was composed by 3 tournaments: futsal, basketball and voleyball.

The Mountain Wolves Team (ESN Covilhã) got a 3rd place in the voleyball tournament against The Kings (ESN Porto) but got disqualified in the futsal tournament due to conflicts with the ESN Algarve's team. This was the very last game for both teams and a victory could make both pass on the group. Due to disqualification, both teams were applied a sanction of (-6) points in the general classification.

The Mountain Wolves ended the tournament on the 8th position with a total of (+9) points.

Congratulations to The Kings (ESN Porto) for winning the tournament for the 2nd time in the history of ESN Olympics.

The podium was filled with the following teams:
1st - The Kings (ESN Porto)
2nd - ESN Aveiro
3rd - Lazy Pigs (ESN UTAD)

segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2015

Afterwards it wasn't "jajão"

Brazilian students from the year 2014/15 met all together again in Brazil

It wasn't a lie (jajão)! With this motto, the brazilian exchange students from the winter semester 2014/15 in Covilhã met again in the beginning of this month to remember the good and unforgettable moments spent in the portuguese "snow city" and at PAC (Pedro Álvares Cabral) dorm. Unfortunatelly not all the brazilians could go due to several factors, but the number of people was in some manner expressive.

It was a 2 days meeting in the city of Rio Manso, near Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais county. Many of them weren't able to see each others for already more than 10 months. The climate was of full hapiness and emotion, as they listen to "Jajão" and "Bo Tem Mel", some exchange classics from their exchange, the good times were guaranteed. 

There weren't only brazilians at this meeting. The spanish girl Marta Moliner (now exchange student at Rio de Janeiro city and Erasmus student in Covilhã last year) and also the portuguese Telmo Lopes were also there, leveling up this meeting and giving the sense they were again in PAC because of the different languages and accents.

According to information, never a brazilian exchange group meeting, got so many people as this one. There were many challenges but all of them were beaten: there was people that traveled by bus more than 19 hours; there were people that took 2 flights; there were people that drove more than 9 hours between counties. In the end all the efforts were tiny comparing with this unique moment. Let there come more meetings!

By Leonardo Alves

domingo, 8 de novembro de 2015

In memoriam

You know you are doing the right thing when you hear the words “thank you”. In the past four years these two simple, yet so effective, so meaningful, so grateful, so enlightening, so empowering words have become a trending topic in any conversation involving an Erasmus student and/or an ESNer in Covilhã. You know you are changing other people’s life when you hear the words “I’ll come back”. In the past four years Covilhã has been both a starting and a destination point for bold students eager for a new challenge in their lives. The scary thing is that when someone says that, they mean it; they do return to Covilhã. And with that, mobility becomes a lifestyle. Four years ago, after a life-changing Erasmus period in Bialystok, Francisca and Tiago founded this very ESN section with the dream to give to others what they got from their hosts in Poland. Students helping students. Just that. Crystal clear. However, they went way beyond that. In ESN Covilhã the incoming students found friends and in Covilhã they found a home. So, it dawned on us that by doing such simple things you could touch so many people’s lives. It will be a long journey, but thanks to Francisca and Tiago, it will be an easy one. We would like to express sincere gratitude for such meaningful messages from everyone that knew Tiago somehow. Every Erasmus students that once were and the ones that are in Covilhã. Every ESN Portugal section that was represented yesterday in person or sent us a message. Every ESN section of other countries that made sure their sympathies arrived. Every ESN member. Every friend. His family. Francisca. In the darkest, scariest and most daunting period of our existence as ESN section we kindly ask you to have a drink with us. Please, raise your glass for a toast. A toast to Tiago.

domingo, 25 de outubro de 2015

Board Buddy "Came to town"

Last friday and saturday our ESN board buddy from ESN Portugal came to Covilhã to get to know the section and its members. Her name is Ana Bárbara and she studies genetics and biotechnology in UTAD.

Were made some meetings between the board and her to know how ESN Covilhã works as a section and was also made a teambuilding "at the table", as we in Covilhã comonly do. Friday night we also took her to Recepção ao Caloiro for her to see how we work our image and our representation as there was a ESN video passing in the videohall during all night in all week and the ESN flag in the top of AAUBI's bar.

She will return in December the 12th for our Christmas Dinner and Party to meet all our International Students, to see how we perform as a team with all of them and to know how is our Family Spirit.

See you soon Ana ;)

quinta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2015

Latada 2015 - International Students once more lead the parade

Yesterday at 3:00pm the latest edition of UBI's Latada started. All University once more stopped to watch the already traditional freshman's parade with their awesome handmade cars, screaming songs and the accademic suits veteranums.

Like last year's edition of Latada, all the parade was lead by UBI's International Students that brought to Covilhã and it's citizens their huge happiness and colourfully painted faces, singing some songs of their countries. This year they made a flag parade, showing to the population all the countries that are represented in Covilhã. The International Students also carried a lane signed by all of them plus a very specific message: "Keep Calm and Mov'in Europe".
The tricky "Mov'in Europe" part is a game of words that tries to express the amount of students that already are on exchange programs inside of Europe. The number keeps growing every year and is right now around 190.000 students (just counting with Erasmus+ programs). "Mov'in Europe" is also a ESN International project that promotes international mobility between the students.

In International Student's Latada were represented many countries such as the traditional Brazil, Poland, Spain and Turkey plus Syria, Angola, Estonia, Greece, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Belarus, Romania, Moldavia, Hungary and Equador. Also the Portuguese country was represented on this group by entire ESN Covilhã and some veteranums that wanted to meet some of our International Students.

The podium of this year's Latada was the following:
1st: Biomedical Sciences;
2nd: Industrial Design;
3rd: Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Pedro Santos

sábado, 25 de julho de 2015

"Big world in a small town"

"I don't know how can I explain my feelings but I just want to write something about my experience. Because everybody know that we can't explain our Erasmus experience just with few sentences. I can remind my first time in Covilhã. It was big disappointment for me because the city was really smaller than my expectation. I never expect from this city an unforgettable Erasmus life but it happened. Erasmus life in Covilhã was amazing for me. Unforgettable 5 months passed suddenly and I'm writing this sentences from my home. Now everything is like a dream. I know many different friends from all over the world, I had many home now. I learnt a lot in this town. We were living in a same house, we were cooking together. We were coming from many different culture but We were talking from same language. Here, I learnt how can I live alone, how can I live together, how can I think like other one. Each person bring something from their personality and we created our big worlds in this small town. I should say thanks for all of my friends and also a big thanks for PAC for being home for us. A huge thanks for Covilhã for everything that I lived here. When I was leaving from Covilhã, I felt like leaving from my home, leaving from my family. Here I understood again, people is doing the places meaningful. I hope to come back one day and remind everything again. Muito obrigada Covilhã <3 bejinhos"

by Merve Akardas from Turkey

sexta-feira, 24 de julho de 2015

"Como não amar Covilhã? How not love Covilhã?"

"[PT] Eu fui para Covilhã sem esperar nada.

Antes de sair do Brasil eu não imaginava que encontraria tanta gente, de tantos lugares, e que teria tantas coisas para aprender e ensinar. Europa, Portugal e Covilhã me surpreenderam em cada detalhe!

Covilhã, em especial, ganhou um espaço em meu coração. Apelidada por nós (não por acaso) de Covilinda, a cidade no meio das montanhas é cheia de arte em suas paredes, e com um dos céus mais bonitos que já vi consegue trazer tranquilidade a qualquer coração que passa por ali.

E hoje eu lembro desta cidade com tanto carinho porque fui sempre muito bem recebida em todo lugar que passei por ali.

Se antes eu não esperava nada de Covilhã, hoje eu só espero que um dia eu volte pra lá.

[EN] I went to Covilhã with no expectations.

Before leaving Brazil I didn’t imagine that I would find so many people, from so many places, and that I would have so many things to learn and teach. Europe, Portugal and Covilhã surprised me in all the little things!

Covilhã, specially, owned a space in my heart. We call it Covilinda (something like “Covibeautiful”), the city in the mountains is full of art on its walls, and with one of the most beautiful skies that I’ve already seen it can bring peace for all the hearts that pass by this city.

And today I remember of this city with so much fondness because I was always welcomed in every place I went there.

And if before I had no expectations about Covilhã, today I only expect to come back there soon."

By Carina Lamonatto

quarta-feira, 22 de julho de 2015

"Gratidão! Gratitude!"

"[PT] E realmente o tempo passa rápido. Parece que foi ontem que eu cheguei em um país desconhecido, com a cultura diferente da minha. Não tem como descrever essa experiência incrível que levarei para toda vida, fiz amigos no mundo inteiro, conheci culturas diferentes, lugares que sempre sonhei, pessoas maravilhosas. O que falar das pessoas? Simplesmente só tenho a agradecer a cada um que me ajudou nesse tempo, que esteve passando por todas essas emoções juntos. Não tem como esquecer as festas, as bagunças nos quartos, a cozinha lotada, as loucuras, o povo bêbado (vocês são doidos kkkkk) o Barô, BA, Birras, Chem e Cia... ah e agora o Santa Hora. Como esquecer dos kizombas, do nosso hino Jajao e aquelas mesmas músicas que aprendemos a gostar.

 Posso dizer que as pessoas que encontrei pelo caminho deixou um pedacinho de lembrança, mesmo falando idiomas diferentes nós conseguimos nos entender, não importava se era inglês, espanhol, turco, polaco... a gente dava um jeito. Formamos uma família, cuidamos da nossa casa (PAC) e compartilhamos muitas histórias, dramas e sonhos. Levarei cada momento no coração, até os mais tensos hahahaha.

 A nossa amada Covilhã será para sempre nosso cantinho especial no mundo, Portugal me encantou de um jeito que jamais poderia imaginar. Aos amigos que fiz só desejo o melhor dessa vida e dizer que realmente as promessas que fizemos de um dia nos encontrarmos novamente se realizem. Aos amigos de outros países, vocês já tem um cantinho especial no Brasil e para os meus amores brasileiros já sabem quem procurar em São Paulo né? Só uma palavra por tudo isso que vivi com vocês: Gratidão! Amo vocês, sentirei saudades. Que essa Malta Family permaneça para sempre em nossa memória.

Não importa o lugar que você esteja e sim a pessoa que você se tornou, quem não muda com uma experiência dessa não muda nunca. Aprendemos o verdadeiro significado de dividir, ajudar, economizar e paciência. Vocês me ajudaram a ser uma pessoa melhor, um aprendizado para a vida inteira. Obrigada e obrigada... OPA LÁ! UMA VEZ ERASMUS, PARA SEMPRE ERASMUS !!!

[EN] And the time really goes fast. Looks like it was yesterday that I arrived in an unknown country, with a very different culture than mine. There is no way to describe this amazing experience that I will take with me for my whole life, I made friends from all over the world, learned about different cultures, meet places that I always dreamed about and meet awesome people. What say about the people? I only have to thank each one of you that helped me during this time, which was passing by these emotions together. There is no way to forget about the parties, the mess in the rooms, the always full kitchen, the drunk people (you are crazy kkkk) the Barô, BA, Birras, Chem and Cia, and now, the Santa Hora. How forget about the kizombas, our anthem Jajao and those same songs that we learned to like.

I can say that the people I meet in the way left a piece of memory, even speaking in different languages we could understand each other, it doesn’t matter if it was English, Spanish, Turkish, Polish… we figure it out. We create a family, take care of our home (PAC) and shared lots of histories, dramas and dreams. I’ll take each moment in my heart, even the more tenses ones hahaha.

Our beloved Covilhã will always be our special place in the world, Portugal has enchanted me in a way that I couldn’t imagine. To the friends that I made I only wish the best of this life and say that the promises we made about meet each other again to come true. To the friends from other countries, you already have a special place in Brazil. And to my beloved Brazilians friends, you know who look for in São Paulo right? Only one word to all the things I have lived with you: Gratitude! I love you, I will miss you. That this Malta’s Family remains in our memories forever.

Doesn’t matter the place you are, but the person you become, who don’t change with this experience don’t change never. We learned the real meaning of share, help, economy and patience. You helped me to become a better person, it was a learning to the entire life. Thank you, Thank you… OPA LÁ! ONCE ERASMUS, FOREVER ERASMUS!!!"

By Kaline Almeida (Brasil)

terça-feira, 7 de julho de 2015

"My erasmus life" by Lorenzo Cutellè

        Erasmus…It was the best experience I've ever made! And this isn't only a nice sentence, it's the truth! I've met people from all over the world, known new cultures, new food, new people. It's not just "5 months abroad", it's real life, and I started to live in a new and bigger way. I started to appreciate even the smallest things, learnt to cook new dishes, discovered new cities and wonderful places, created friendships which are very strong and true. I lived 5 full months in contact with new friends and I started to feel a lot of amazing feelings. Every day, from morning till night, I spoke a language that it's not mine. And if at the beginning it could be hard, finally I realized that my communication has really improved. I feel different now, I feel richer than before, because now all this stuff is part of me. And this will never go away. Departing for this Erasmus trip was the best choice, from all the points of view. And I am very grateful to everyone who permitted this: my old and new friends, my family and my universities. Thank you!

Once Erasmus, forever Erasmus! Obrigado

       Erasmus… foi a melhor experiência que alguma vez fiz! Não digo isto por ser uma frase bonita, é a verdade! Eu conheci pessoas de toda a parte do mundo, conheci novas culturas, novas comidas, novas pessoas. Não são apenas “5 meses no estrangeiro”, é a vida real, e eu comecei a vivê-la numa nova e grande forma. Comecei a apreciar o que é insignificante, aprendi a cozinhar novos pratos, descobri novas cidades e lugares maravilhosos, criei amizades fortes e verdadeiras. Eu vivi 5 meses em contacto com novos amigos e a sentir imensos sentimentos fantásticos. Todos os dias, desde manhã até à noite, falava uma língua que não era a minha e se, no início foi difícil, finalmente apercebi-me que a minha comunicação melhorou bastante. Sinto-me diferente, mais rico que antes, porque todos estes acontecimentos fazem parte de mim e nunca desaparecerá. Partir para esta viagem Erasmus foi a melhor escolha em todos os pontos de vista. Eu estou muito agradecido com todos aqueles que o permitiram: os meus novos e antigos amigos, a minha família e as minhas universidades. Obrigado!

Uma vez Erasmus, sempre Erasmus!

Lorenzo Cutellè (Italian)

segunda-feira, 22 de junho de 2015

"When Erasmus is more than fun and parties" by Mădălina Diac

"When we apply for an Erasmus mobility, we only think about having fun, going to parties and make new friends. Nothing bad with this. But what happens when we can do amazing professional things in Erasmus? When we are able to mix fun with work? I will tell you, fantastic things happens.

This story it’s about a Spanish student, Carlos Fernandez Moyano, who made his Erasmus in Covilha, Portugal. Why am I writing this about him? Because he proved a very important thing: that if you want, you can do it, no matter if you are an Erasmus student, you can organise yourself in a way you could have fun and also make your professional things.  

You all may wonder what represents the picture I introduced in this text. Well, I didn’t took it from Google, it’s a personal picture taken in the moment of launching a meteorological balloon, which was supposed to reach almost 20 km. This is the final work of Carlos, whose purpose was to record video, to measure the temperature, the pressure and the humidity at certain altitude, while the balloon kept rising to the sky. 

He worked very much for this project, and he had the support of a teacher from the University of Beira Interior, who advised him in order to make the things right. When you are an Erasmus student, people don’t have great expectations, they think that it’s all about fun and parties, but what Carlos proves is that if you really want something, you just have to go for it, and to do in such way to also go out and to spend time with your friends. That if you want, you can do everything, it’s up to you how much you fight to get something, and he did it.

 People must know that are also students as Carlos, who went with Erasmus and dared to go out of the box and proved that Erasmus can be also about learning and achieving beautiful memories and rich knowledge. We all should be proud of what he did, especially because all happened in Covilha, during his Erasmus experience, and send the message forward." 

Mădălina Diac

domingo, 8 de fevereiro de 2015

"Thanks Erasmus, Thanks Covilhã, Thanks Portugal" by Sara Rodrigues

[PT] Olá, estamos de volta com mais um testemunho! Desta vez foi a Sara Rodrigues, uma estudante francesa que esteve na nossa cidade e estudou na UBI há cerca de um ano atrás!

"Já há mais de seis meses que voltei do meu Erasmus na Covilhã, mas lembro-me sempre de todos os momentos passados nesta linda cidade. Escolhi ir estudar para Portugal durante um ano, porque queria aprender a língua e conhecer melhor a cultura do meu pai.
Não conhecia ainda esta cidade, mas desde o início que me apaixonei por ela. Uma pequena cidade ao pé da Serra da Estrela, isso é a Covilhã. Pessoas boas, a floresta, a montanha, cafés, restaurantes, lojas.
Pude tocar na orquestra da Banda da Covilhã e assim partilhar música com os portugueses. Pude melhorar o meu português com a Rita, a professora de línguas mais fixe do mundo de certeza! Pude encontrar portugueses, espanhóis, polacos, romenos... Pessoas da Europa inteira!
Um ano de Erasmus é um momento especial na vida, um momento inesquecível onde podemos partilhar a nossa cultura, a nossa vida com os outros. Não podemos perder esta oportunidade de ir para um outro país, viajar e partilhar.
Depois do meu Erasmus sinto-me mais madura, capaz, autónoma e fiquei com amigos de todos os pontos da Europa!

Obrigado Erasmus.
Obrigada Covilhã,
Obrigado Portugal."
Sara Rodrigues

[EN] Hello, we are back with another testimony! This time was Sara Rodrigues, a french student, who was in our city and studied at UBI about a year ago!

"It has been over six months since I returned from my Erasmus in Covilhã, but I always remember every moment spent in this beautiful city. I chose to study one year for Portugal because I wanted to learn the language and connect more with my father's culture.
Did not yet know this city, but from the beginning That I fell in love with it. A small town at the foot of Serra da Estrela, this is Covilhã. Good people, the forest, the mountain, coffees, restaurants, shops.
I could play in the orchestra Banda da Covilhã and so share music with the Portuguese. I could improve my portuguese with Rita, the coolest language teacher in the world, for sure! Could find Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Romanian... People from all over Europe!
A year of Erasmus is a special time in life, an unforgettable moment where we can share our culture, our life with others. We can not miss this opportunity to go to another country, travel and share.
After my Erasmus I fell more mature, capable, independent and made friends from all parts of Europe!

Thanks Erasmus.
Thanks Covilhã.
Thanks Portugal."
Sara Rodrigues

segunda-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2015

"My life in 5 months" by Adina F. Cirmaci

[EN] Hi once again :)
This time was Adina, a romanian student, that left us her words to express what she's feeling at this moment. She arrived five months ago, to study communication in UBI. 

"ERASMUS it is not about 5 months from your life, it is about your life in 5 months."

"It is time to say goodbye? No, it can’t be true. I want to dream more. To dream, yes, because my ERASMUS in Covilhã it was like a dream.

I remember when I arrived in Covilhã and I started to talk with Pedrito and David at the train station (not talking because I couldn’t say a word because of the feelings) and in my mind was like this “why I couldn’t stay home? What I am doing here?” 
But now I have answers to my questions. I was here to make friends, to improve my languages, to create memories. In the beginning I couldn't understand a word. I thought that Portuguese language it is like “șșș”, and now I am talking this ”șșș” language.

Amazing times, with people all over the world. Trying to speak with Brazilians an amazing portunhol, learning Spanish and understand Turkish.
”Tonight is a party.” And like this all the things started. ”Party in room number…” ”Let’s go out for a beer.” – ONE AFTER ONE, because here it is impossible to drink just one.

I’m in love with Covilhã. I will remember all my life the parties in Birras and Barot. Latada, our pub crawl, room crawl (if you can imagine a room crawl in the residence…) the trips, my Christmas here with my family (ERASMUS family), and for sure all the people that I met here.
My question “what I am doing here” has an answer but I can’t say in words. It is about feelings. I will go home with tears in my eyes and in my soul too. Now I am so rich that you can’t imagine: with friends all over the world (and I am sure that I made friends for a life not just for some months) and with so many memories. Because… Because ERASMUS it is not about 5 months from your life, it is about your life in your 5 months.

Ate já Covilhã. I will come back for sure. You made me smile, you made me be drunk, be happy and now you make me cry…"
Adina F. Cirmaci

[PT] Olá mais uma vez :)
Desta vez foi Adina, uma aluna romena, que nos deixou as suas palavras para expressar o que ela está a sentir neste momento. Ela chegou à cinco meses atrás para estudar Comunicação na UBI.

"ERASMUS não é sobre 5 meses da tua vida, é sobre a tua vida em 5 meses."

"Já é tempo de dizer adeus? Não, não pode ser verdade. Eu quero sonhar um pouco mais. Sonhar, sim, porque o meu ERASMUS na Covilhã foi como um sonho. 

Eu lembro-me quando cheguei à Covilhã e comecei a falar com o Pedrito e o David na estação de comboios (não exatamente conversas, porque eu não conseguia dizer nada devido aos meus sentimentos) e na minha mente eu pensava algo do género "Porque é que eu não fiquei em casa?" "O que é que eu estou aqui a fazer?". 
Mas agora tenho as respostas às minhas perguntas. Estou aqui para fazer amigos, melhorar a minha linguagem, para criar memórias.No início não percebia uma palavra. Eu pensava que a língua portuguesa era "sss" e agora estou a falar esta língua dos "sss". 

Tempos espetaculares, com pessoas de todo o mundo. Tentar falar com Brasileiros numa espécie de portunhol, aprender espanhol e entender turco. "Hoje à festa à noite." E assim tudo começou. "Festa no quarto nº..." "Vamos beber uma cerveja?" - UMA APÓS A OUTRA, porque era impossível beber só uma. 

Estou apaixonada pela Covilhã, e vou lembrar-me durante o resto da minha vida, de todas as festas no Birras e no Barot. A Latada, o rally-tascas, o rally dos quartos (como se imaginassem um rally tascas na residência...), as viagens, o Natal aqui com a minha família (a família ERASMUS), e claro todas as pessoas que eu conheci aqui.

A minha questão "O que faço eu aqui?" tem uma resposta, mas não a consigo expressar por palavras. É acerca de sentimentos. Eu irei para casa com lágrimas nos meus olhos e também na minha alma. Estou tão rica agora, que vocês não conseguem imaginar: com amigos de todo o mundo (e tenho a certeza que fiz amigos para a vida e não apenas para alguns meses), e com tantas memórias. Porque... porque ERASMUS não é sobre cinco meses da tua vida, mas sim a tua vida em cinco meses.

Até já Covilhã, eu voltarei de certeza. Tu fizeste-me sorrir, embebedaste-me, fizeste-me feliz e agora fazes-me chorar..."
Adina F Cirmaci

terça-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2015

"Até já Covilhã" by Luísa Torquato

[PT] Luísa Torquato, uma aluna brasileira, deixou o seu testemunho na hora de despedida daqueles que partilharam com ela estes últimos seis meses. Deixamos aqui as suas palavras...

"Até já Covilhã!

É bem verdade que é mais difícil deixar o que colhemos aqui do que o que plantamos do lado de lá. Já me disseram isso. Eu sei, nunca quis acreditar.
Há uns dias, escrevi: Passo pelo corredor, dessa vez resolvo inovar, vou de olhos fechados até ao quarto. Me surpreendo, pois sei exatamente onde parar, tenho idéia de quantos passos preciso dar para chegar até ao quarto.
Me lembro da primeira vez que estive aqui. Estávamos eufóricos, felizes e apavorados, sem saber onde isso ia dar. Vivendo de surrealidade até nossos pés tocarem o chão.
Sabe, lembro inclusive de algumas primeiras vezes que vi vocês, do nosso primeiro rebu, primeira vez no Baro, das noites insanas no Chemistry. Da primeira festa de medicina na piscina, das tardes e noites lá! Do dia em que fomos apresentados à ESN. Dos barulhos nas madrugadas. Primeira vez em Lisboa, Holy Festival. Primeiro arroz queimado. Das várias vezes em que alguns de vocês acordavam com meu quarto caindo enquanto eu nem percebia. Dos nossos: "Me empresta?", "Me vende? ", "troco vinho por chocolate!", "quem tem crédito pra lavar roupa? ", "alguém vai ao continente ainda?", "quem está no pólo I e vai subir?". Do nosso primeiro jantar a luz de celulares.
De dançar kizomba e kuduro, acordar com bailando e dormir com jajão. Dos pratos sempre inesperados da cantina.
Mas hoje, xelentes, só sei que somos tudo isso, e enquanto não podemos voltar, ficamos com o gostinho das lembranças.
Porque ser Erasmus é isso, ser um bocadinho de cada um, os lugares aos quais fomos e muito de onde vivemos.

E este não é um adeus, é um até já Covilhã.
Luísa Torquato"

[EN] Luísa Torquato, a brazilian student, left her testimony in time to farewell those who shared with her the past six months. We leave here her words...

"See you soon Covilhã
It is true that it is harder to leave what we harvest here than what we plant over there . I've been told that. A few days ago, I wrote: Step down the hall, this time I decide to innovate, I close eyes while I'm going to my room. It surprises me, because I know exactly where to stop, I have an idea how many steps I need to take to get to the room.
I remember the first time I was here. We were euphoric, happy and terrified, not knowing where it was going. Living on the surreality until our feet hit the ground.
You know, I even remember some of the first times I saw you, our first rebu, first time in Baro, the insane nights in Chemistry. The first party of medicine in the pool, afternoons and nights there! The day when we were shown to ESN. The noises at dawn. First time in Lisbon, Holy Festival. First burned rice. Of the several times that some of you woke up with my room falling while I did not even notice. Of our: "Can I borrow?", "Will you sell it to me?", "change wine for chocolate!", "who have credit to wash clothes?", "Does someone go to Continente?", "Who's on polo I and will go up?". From our first dinner at cellphone light. Dancing kizomba and kuduro, waking up with "Bailando" and sleeping with "Jajão". The always unexpected canteen dishes.
But today , xelentes , just know that we are all this, and while we can't go back, we live through memories. Because being Erasmus is this, being a little of each other, the places which we were, and where we lived.

And this is not goodbye, it's an even longer Covilhã.
Luísa Torquato"

segunda-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2015

Hi, I'm Mehmet Ulug

[EN] Hello again!

This time were going to show you some photos sent to us by another student that studied last year in UBI.
Mehmet Ulug is a student from Turkey, that came to our university to study Economics. He sent us some pictures he took while he was staying in Covilhã. The photos illustrate, not only good moments he spent in the Residence Pedro Álvares Cabral, also known by PAC, with other international students, but also moments in class, presenting papers and even with one of his teachers.

Mehmet, thank you for sharing!!

[PT] Olá outra vez!

Desta vez nós queremos partilhar algumas fotos que nos foram enviadas por um outro aluno que esteve o ano passado a estudar na UBI.
Mehmet Ulug é um estudante da Turquia, que veio para a nossa universidade para estudar Economia. Ele enviou-nos algumas fotografias enquanto viveu na Covilhã. As fotos ilustram, não somente bons momentos que ele passou na Residência Pedro Álvares Cabral, mais conhecida por PAC, com outros estudantes internacionais, mas também momentos de trabalho, e até com um dos seus professores.

Mehmet, obrigado por partilhares!!

quinta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2015

[EN]"Memories from My Erasmus"

Michal Romanec is a student from Bratislava, that in the academic year of 2013/14 came to University of Beira Interior (UBI) to study architecture. He left us a video that illustrate is experience, since the day he left is hometown to come to a new country, a new adventure, to start an incredible and different period of his life.

Through his videos you can see the beginning, the middle and end of a journey, an awesome one, not only in Covilhã, but also in another Portuguese cities.

[PT] "Memórias do meu Erasmus"

Michal Romanec é um estudante de Bratislava, que no ano letivo 2013/14 veio para a Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI) para estudar arquitetura. Ele deixou-nos um video que ilustra a sua experiência, desde o dia que ele deixou a sua cidade para viajar para um novo país, uma nova aventura, para começar um incrível e diferente período da sua vida.

Através dos seus vídeos podem ver o início, o meio e fim de uma fabulosa jornada, não apenas na Covilhã, mas também noutras cidades Portuguesas.