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"When Erasmus is more than fun and parties" by Mădălina Diac

"When we apply for an Erasmus mobility, we only think about having fun, going to parties and make new friends. Nothing bad with this. But what happens when we can do amazing professional things in Erasmus? When we are able to mix fun with work? I will tell you, fantastic things happens.

This story it’s about a Spanish student, Carlos Fernandez Moyano, who made his Erasmus in Covilha, Portugal. Why am I writing this about him? Because he proved a very important thing: that if you want, you can do it, no matter if you are an Erasmus student, you can organise yourself in a way you could have fun and also make your professional things.  

You all may wonder what represents the picture I introduced in this text. Well, I didn’t took it from Google, it’s a personal picture taken in the moment of launching a meteorological balloon, which was supposed to reach almost 20 km. This is the final work of Carlos, whose purpose was to record video, to measure the temperature, the pressure and the humidity at certain altitude, while the balloon kept rising to the sky. 

He worked very much for this project, and he had the support of a teacher from the University of Beira Interior, who advised him in order to make the things right. When you are an Erasmus student, people don’t have great expectations, they think that it’s all about fun and parties, but what Carlos proves is that if you really want something, you just have to go for it, and to do in such way to also go out and to spend time with your friends. That if you want, you can do everything, it’s up to you how much you fight to get something, and he did it.

 People must know that are also students as Carlos, who went with Erasmus and dared to go out of the box and proved that Erasmus can be also about learning and achieving beautiful memories and rich knowledge. We all should be proud of what he did, especially because all happened in Covilha, during his Erasmus experience, and send the message forward." 

Mădălina Diac

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