sábado, 25 de julho de 2015

"Big world in a small town"

"I don't know how can I explain my feelings but I just want to write something about my experience. Because everybody know that we can't explain our Erasmus experience just with few sentences. I can remind my first time in Covilhã. It was big disappointment for me because the city was really smaller than my expectation. I never expect from this city an unforgettable Erasmus life but it happened. Erasmus life in Covilhã was amazing for me. Unforgettable 5 months passed suddenly and I'm writing this sentences from my home. Now everything is like a dream. I know many different friends from all over the world, I had many home now. I learnt a lot in this town. We were living in a same house, we were cooking together. We were coming from many different culture but We were talking from same language. Here, I learnt how can I live alone, how can I live together, how can I think like other one. Each person bring something from their personality and we created our big worlds in this small town. I should say thanks for all of my friends and also a big thanks for PAC for being home for us. A huge thanks for Covilhã for everything that I lived here. When I was leaving from Covilhã, I felt like leaving from my home, leaving from my family. Here I understood again, people is doing the places meaningful. I hope to come back one day and remind everything again. Muito obrigada Covilhã <3 bejinhos"

by Merve Akardas from Turkey

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