domingo, 25 de outubro de 2015

Board Buddy "Came to town"

Last friday and saturday our ESN board buddy from ESN Portugal came to Covilhã to get to know the section and its members. Her name is Ana Bárbara and she studies genetics and biotechnology in UTAD.

Were made some meetings between the board and her to know how ESN Covilhã works as a section and was also made a teambuilding "at the table", as we in Covilhã comonly do. Friday night we also took her to Recepção ao Caloiro for her to see how we work our image and our representation as there was a ESN video passing in the videohall during all night in all week and the ESN flag in the top of AAUBI's bar.

She will return in December the 12th for our Christmas Dinner and Party to meet all our International Students, to see how we perform as a team with all of them and to know how is our Family Spirit.

See you soon Ana ;)

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