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Latada 2015 - International Students once more lead the parade

Yesterday at 3:00pm the latest edition of UBI's Latada started. All University once more stopped to watch the already traditional freshman's parade with their awesome handmade cars, screaming songs and the accademic suits veteranums.

Like last year's edition of Latada, all the parade was lead by UBI's International Students that brought to Covilhã and it's citizens their huge happiness and colourfully painted faces, singing some songs of their countries. This year they made a flag parade, showing to the population all the countries that are represented in Covilhã. The International Students also carried a lane signed by all of them plus a very specific message: "Keep Calm and Mov'in Europe".
The tricky "Mov'in Europe" part is a game of words that tries to express the amount of students that already are on exchange programs inside of Europe. The number keeps growing every year and is right now around 190.000 students (just counting with Erasmus+ programs). "Mov'in Europe" is also a ESN International project that promotes international mobility between the students.

In International Student's Latada were represented many countries such as the traditional Brazil, Poland, Spain and Turkey plus Syria, Angola, Estonia, Greece, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Belarus, Romania, Moldavia, Hungary and Equador. Also the Portuguese country was represented on this group by entire ESN Covilhã and some veteranums that wanted to meet some of our International Students.

The podium of this year's Latada was the following:
1st: Biomedical Sciences;
2nd: Industrial Design;
3rd: Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Pedro Santos

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