segunda-feira, 16 de novembro de 2015

ESN Olympics - The Mountain Wolves Entourage

The last weekend, some International Students from Covilhã and 3 of the local ESN members were representing our city and our International Students in the National ESN Sports Activities: ESN Olympics.
ESN Olympics was composed by 3 tournaments: futsal, basketball and voleyball.

The Mountain Wolves Team (ESN Covilhã) got a 3rd place in the voleyball tournament against The Kings (ESN Porto) but got disqualified in the futsal tournament due to conflicts with the ESN Algarve's team. This was the very last game for both teams and a victory could make both pass on the group. Due to disqualification, both teams were applied a sanction of (-6) points in the general classification.

The Mountain Wolves ended the tournament on the 8th position with a total of (+9) points.

Congratulations to The Kings (ESN Porto) for winning the tournament for the 2nd time in the history of ESN Olympics.

The podium was filled with the following teams:
1st - The Kings (ESN Porto)
2nd - ESN Aveiro
3rd - Lazy Pigs (ESN UTAD)

segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2015

Afterwards it wasn't "jajão"

Brazilian students from the year 2014/15 met all together again in Brazil

It wasn't a lie (jajão)! With this motto, the brazilian exchange students from the winter semester 2014/15 in Covilhã met again in the beginning of this month to remember the good and unforgettable moments spent in the portuguese "snow city" and at PAC (Pedro Álvares Cabral) dorm. Unfortunatelly not all the brazilians could go due to several factors, but the number of people was in some manner expressive.

It was a 2 days meeting in the city of Rio Manso, near Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais county. Many of them weren't able to see each others for already more than 10 months. The climate was of full hapiness and emotion, as they listen to "Jajão" and "Bo Tem Mel", some exchange classics from their exchange, the good times were guaranteed. 

There weren't only brazilians at this meeting. The spanish girl Marta Moliner (now exchange student at Rio de Janeiro city and Erasmus student in Covilhã last year) and also the portuguese Telmo Lopes were also there, leveling up this meeting and giving the sense they were again in PAC because of the different languages and accents.

According to information, never a brazilian exchange group meeting, got so many people as this one. There were many challenges but all of them were beaten: there was people that traveled by bus more than 19 hours; there were people that took 2 flights; there were people that drove more than 9 hours between counties. In the end all the efforts were tiny comparing with this unique moment. Let there come more meetings!

By Leonardo Alves

domingo, 8 de novembro de 2015

In memoriam

You know you are doing the right thing when you hear the words “thank you”. In the past four years these two simple, yet so effective, so meaningful, so grateful, so enlightening, so empowering words have become a trending topic in any conversation involving an Erasmus student and/or an ESNer in Covilhã. You know you are changing other people’s life when you hear the words “I’ll come back”. In the past four years Covilhã has been both a starting and a destination point for bold students eager for a new challenge in their lives. The scary thing is that when someone says that, they mean it; they do return to Covilhã. And with that, mobility becomes a lifestyle. Four years ago, after a life-changing Erasmus period in Bialystok, Francisca and Tiago founded this very ESN section with the dream to give to others what they got from their hosts in Poland. Students helping students. Just that. Crystal clear. However, they went way beyond that. In ESN Covilhã the incoming students found friends and in Covilhã they found a home. So, it dawned on us that by doing such simple things you could touch so many people’s lives. It will be a long journey, but thanks to Francisca and Tiago, it will be an easy one. We would like to express sincere gratitude for such meaningful messages from everyone that knew Tiago somehow. Every Erasmus students that once were and the ones that are in Covilhã. Every ESN Portugal section that was represented yesterday in person or sent us a message. Every ESN section of other countries that made sure their sympathies arrived. Every ESN member. Every friend. His family. Francisca. In the darkest, scariest and most daunting period of our existence as ESN section we kindly ask you to have a drink with us. Please, raise your glass for a toast. A toast to Tiago.