segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2015

Afterwards it wasn't "jajão"

Brazilian students from the year 2014/15 met all together again in Brazil

It wasn't a lie (jajão)! With this motto, the brazilian exchange students from the winter semester 2014/15 in Covilhã met again in the beginning of this month to remember the good and unforgettable moments spent in the portuguese "snow city" and at PAC (Pedro Álvares Cabral) dorm. Unfortunatelly not all the brazilians could go due to several factors, but the number of people was in some manner expressive.

It was a 2 days meeting in the city of Rio Manso, near Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais county. Many of them weren't able to see each others for already more than 10 months. The climate was of full hapiness and emotion, as they listen to "Jajão" and "Bo Tem Mel", some exchange classics from their exchange, the good times were guaranteed. 

There weren't only brazilians at this meeting. The spanish girl Marta Moliner (now exchange student at Rio de Janeiro city and Erasmus student in Covilhã last year) and also the portuguese Telmo Lopes were also there, leveling up this meeting and giving the sense they were again in PAC because of the different languages and accents.

According to information, never a brazilian exchange group meeting, got so many people as this one. There were many challenges but all of them were beaten: there was people that traveled by bus more than 19 hours; there were people that took 2 flights; there were people that drove more than 9 hours between counties. In the end all the efforts were tiny comparing with this unique moment. Let there come more meetings!

By Leonardo Alves

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