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International Day for People with Disabilities

ESN Covilha celebrated on the 3 of December, the International Day for People with Disabilities. "Experience as a form of awareness" was the central theme of the initiative, which took place in the Engineering facilities of University of Beira Interior (UBI), which was attended by ESN mentors and Erasmus students.

In the event, which lasted about 40 minutes, participants were experiencing similar situations to ones that face disability, such as undertaking a path in a wheelchair and walking blindfolded. Elias, a student from Brazil, was a participant in the second experiment (blindfold) .In the other hand, Delia, from Romania, attended the event involving the wheelchair.

Elias, Brazil
"For me it was very difficult to walk with a blindfold because I felt the ground was unsafe. The flour was irregular as I walked and because of the blindfold I did not felt safe. It was difficult for me to touch things (objects), they were all far away. I felt quite afraid to walk through doors ... I felt I could hurt my hand at any time and that to me was very bad."

Delia, Romania
"Today I try to look at the world from another perspective. From the perspective of a person with disabilities. It was very hard for me to strole with a wheelchair in that pavement. It was also tricky to pass with the chair through doors, but I met people who helped me. People should be willing to help. When I entered the elevator it was even more complicated because the elevator was too small for the chair, it was as difficult to enter as it was to stay inside. I believe it is possible to create good conditions for people with difficulties, helping them integrate themselves into the community."
This type of activity seeks to teach the whole community to embrace people with special difficulties and / or disabilities, by promoting their inclusion in society.

Sara Guterres e Sónia Perdigão

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